A new exhibition format saw the light in 2009: a series of photographs by one of the authors selected for the festival, printed on coasters. This is where the Coaster Route came from, in collaboration with some bars in Algorta: a collectable edition of coasters whereby each bar distributes one exclusive coaster with each drink order.

In this tenth edition, as well as the Coaster Route round Algorta, the series by Korean photographer Bohnchang Koo, Soap, will be circulating on coasters in 10 bars in Bilbao (Ripa area – Casco Viejo – Bilbi) thanks to collaboration with the cultural magazine NOIZ, a meeting point between creators and the public, a thermometer for the Basque cultural scene and a platform that, for the last 6 years, has provided a service that informs, contributes, reviews, applauds and blows the occasional raspberry.

GETXOPHOTO offers you these two routes. You can get the complete pack by following the coaster trails in both Algorta and Bilbao.


Jolas Aurre (Andrés Cortina 4)
Maggie’s Farm (Andrés Cortina 4)
La Plaza (Muxike Aurrekoa 1)
Burdinola (Basagoiti 75)
Sustrai (Basagoiti 71)
Alkartetxe (Gaztelugatxe 1)
Satistegi (Basagoiti 51)
Baster Taberna (Orobio 2)
Etxetxu Berria (Amezti 2)
Patxeko Etxea Bi (Sarrikobaso 3)


Ambigú (San Vicente 5)
Baobab Tetería (Príncipe 1, esq. Ripa)
Galipó (Ripa 5)
La Camelia (Villarías 3)
Baster (Posta 22)
Café Okapi (Belostikale 26)
Bar Marzana (Marzana 16)
Bihotz Café (Aretxaga 6)
Dando la Brasa (Aretxaga 7)
Peso Neto (San Francisco 1)