Special visit

Already finished


With curator and director Jokin Aspuru

Every year the curator of the Festival makes a two hours tour by foot around the different exhibitions and installations of GETXOPHOTO.

In this tenth edition of the festival, director Jokin Aspuru has been in charge of the curation of the program, realized in collaboration with the three previous curators Alejandro Castellote, Frank Kalero and Christian Caujolle.

Some of the participating authors also joined, and they presented their work in situ. We were accompanied by: Anna Katharina Scheidegger, Michael Wesely, Amy Friend, Jérémie Nassif, Kris Sanford, Daesung Lee, Carlos Ayesta and Amit Sha’al.

We finished the visit with a popular marmitako to celebrate these 10 years of GETXOPHOTO.