Actividades 2013

Popular participation


Gabri Guerrero

Ametsak: is time for new dreams

This is the GETXOPHOTO popular participation space. POP is a format to collect photographies after an open call. These images are made by amateurs and profesional photographers, boys, old ladies or teenagers, so the result will be a mix of genres and styles. After been edited, they will turn into a screening throughout the month of septembre in Sala Torrene.

Besides, the organisation selects around 30 images which are exposed in some local shops in Euskal Herria and Basagoti.

This edition selected the participants have been:

Alejandro de la Rica y Ramón Churruca
Alfonso Batalla
Ana Belén Llorente
Ana F. Henry
Ander Hurtado
Bruno Fernández
Charo Ruiz
Costanza Gastaldi
David Rodríguez
Endika Basaguren
Estibaliz Mugeta
Guille Casas
Javier Cayón
Jesús González
José Luis Haces
Laura Sanz
Leo López
Lourdes Diego-Lopategui
Luis Manuel Novales
Maite Arberas
Marina Gondra
Mario Díez
Marta Miranda
Naroa Fernández
Nuria Oreja
Omitsu Issey
Oskar Alvarado
Oskar Martínez
Paula Vallar
Rocío López
Silvia Terreros
Stephani Diani
Tomeu Canyellas
Xabi Lumbreras

All participants’ work can be seen here. 


Noel Rubianes