Activities 2016

A workshop with Michael Ackerman


Half Life, Michael Ackerman

Interior. A workshop with Michael Ackerman

Michael Ackerman’s method doesn’t follow tradition, it is not a simple chronicle of events. The pace of his photography is closer to cinematography than traditional documentary photography: images used in sequences, different formats, pictures that appear «wrong», images used as links between other images; all used to compose an essay that does not value where or when the pictures were made but rather attempts to capture a deeper emotional and spiritual truth of the subject. The locations aren’t necessarily recognizable at all. Michael has been moving towards this erasure of geographical and other distinctions in his photographs for some time. There is surely a trajectory away from the constraints of a traditional documentary mode towards a very different way of getting at the world.

During this workshop Michael Ackerman will share with you his instinctive and visionary approach to photography and will help you to find your own themes focusing on meaning and expression, rather than form and technique. The goal of this workshop is to inspire and help each other get deeper into the territory that we are exploring as photographers, challenge ourselves depending on each individual’s vision, curiosity and sensibility. The point is to photograph what you love, what obsesses you, what you fear. We should feel free to search, experiment, break borders, make mistakes, take emotional risks, all in the goal of getting closer to ourselves.



Lorenzo Castore

Michael Ackerman 

Born in 1967 in Tel Aviv, he grew up in New York. Since his first exhibition, in 1999, Michael Ackerman has made his mark by bringing a new, radical and unique approach. His work on Varanasi, entitled “End Time City, turned him into a cult photographer. In black and white, with permanent risk that led him to explore impossible lighting, he allowed the grainy images to create enigmatic and pregnant visions.

Michael Ackerman seeks – and finds – in the world he traverses, reflections of his personal malaise, doubts and anguish. Although his peculiar and unique style has turned him into the object of the most diverse critiques and debates, he is an indispensable author. He received the Infinity Award for Young Photographer by the International Center of Photography in 1998 and one year later the Nadar Award for his book “End Time City”. In 2009, he won the SCAM Roger Pic Award for his series “Departure, Poland” and in 2010 his book Half Life was published by Robert Delpire. Recently, he has collaborated with Vincent Courtois, cellist, and Christian Caujolle, behind the project, in a show called “L’intuition” which proposes a dialogue between photography and music creation. This show was presented, in particular, as part of the festival Banlieues Bleues and for the Rencontres d’Arles 2014.