We have been collaborating with the Centro Cultural de la Universidad Católica del Perú for some years. We have produced two exhibitions in their Gallery, one of the most important in Lima.

Asian Fictions

In November 2011 we inaugurated Asian Fictions an exhibition curated by Alejandro Castellote. For the first time, eleven Asian photographer’s ´works have been shown in Perú. This works show the creative euphoria that is cutting across China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea and two photographers from Taiwan, Wu Tien-Chang y Shen Chao-Liang, attended the inaguration together with the curator of the exhibition.

Authors participating:
Myoung Ho Lee, Yao Lu, Lee Jeong-Lok, Shen Chao-Liang, Wang Qingsong, Wu Tien-Chang, Liyu + Liubo, Maleonn, Tomoko Sawada, Cui Xiuwen and Dorothy M. Yoon.

In praise of elderly

European and northamerican contemporary authors were shown in this exhibitions. This works depict, with a diverse look to the welfare state, this complex period of life: the old age. The exhibition was opened in February 2013 and curated by Frank Kalero.

Authors participating:
Sacha Goldberger, Stephanie Diani, Annet van der Voort, Walter Schels, Javier Tles, Kaylynn Deveney, Michael Ackerman, Andrew Zuckerman, Josep Echaburu, Peter Granser.

Both exhibitions were specially adapted to Centro Cultural PUCP’s room. Yet, they were also entirelly produced in Lima.